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Mikal Dreggevik, the company’s managing director commented: “These last few years have seen Electrocompaniet grow by more than 200%, with quality distribution in more than 50 countries worldwide, so now is the right time for us to make this major move into the largest consumer market in the world. ” An innovative sales promotion program is being launched to encourage more dealers to support Electrocompaniet and its products. A major advertising campaign to support the re-launch will appear in the specialist Hi Fi magazines. In addition to this campaign, a full program of reviews is planned for 2009 covering all products. This sales drive will be fully supported by the company from Norway with the US subsidiary carrying all stock requirements, support and sales functions. The COO is Peder Beckman, with more than 20 years experience from the High End industry. Electrocompaniet also look forward to building a larger and stronger network for their customers in the US and Canada with a newly dedicated service department, more retail locations, more outstanding products at various price points, a new production facility, and predictable delivery times for their high-demand products.






Show-RoomGrand Opening of Electrocompaniet North America, Inc.
Electrocompaniet, based in Norway, has been producing audiophile products since 1973, but it is now making a concerted push to capture a significant share of the US high-end market. As part of its strategy to dramatically increase sales on these shores, Electrocompaniet, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Norwegian parent company, took over North American distribution of all Electrocompaniet products on  April 1st.
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buildingLocation and contact
The new main office for the US and Canada will be located in Oakland, just outside San Francisco. The new facilitates holds showrooms, office and stock. The building address is 97 Linden Street building and had its beginnings at the turn of the century when the Standard Underground Cable Co. began to make cables for the new industries of telephones and electric power. In 1918, a two-story brick building was added to the original structure. The cable company relocated its factory to Emeryville in 1928, and the building saw a wide variety of uses after that time. The building was the second structure designed by Walter Mathews, one of Oakland's most important late 19th and early 20th century architects. Rehabilitation and upgrading to its current use was completed in the mid-1990's, is now home to architects, engineers, an art gallery and even a micro-brewery. 





Electrocompaniet Inc.
c/o Atlona Inc

70 Dagget Drive

San Jose, CA 95134



Sales & Order

Contact  Geir F. Skj√¶veland
Phone +47 51741023
E-mail gfs@electrocompaniet.no



+47 21383584         (GMT+2) Norway
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Main office and factory (Stavanger, Norway)
Breivikveien 7
4120 Tau
Telephone: +47 51741033 service@electrocompamiet.no









EC. Inc is an official Bay Area Green Business





Tel: +47 91703705
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Brief history of the managing director, Mikal Dreggevik
Mikal is the CEO and owner of Electrocompaniet. He has always been very interested in music and has in the past played a variety of musical instruments in a non-professional capacity. Music really matters to him and therefore it feels natural for him to continue working to achieve the ideal expressed in the Electrocompaniet slogan, “Closing the gap to the master” i.e. reproduce the music as close as possible to the original sound in the concert venue or the studio (the master tape).
Tel direct :+47 51741003 
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Brief history about our service and technical manager, Volker Hunger.
Volker is from Germany, but has lived in Norway since 1998. He has a long history in Electrocompaniet, more the 15 years. His interest in HiFi started at a very early age, as he had the good fortune of having a mother who worked in a recording studio. He loves music! In the past he has worked for Celestion and KEF in Germany. He works with sale, production, development and support. He originally was educated in the field of electronics and electrical engineering, and later also studied electronics at Heinrich Piest Institut in Germany. He was heavily involved in the development of our famous products EMC1 and the ECD1.


Tel direct :+47 51741032 
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Brief history about our business manager, Frode Haukalid
Frode joined Electrocompaniet in January 2009, after working 5 years as a chief operating officer for a production company, responsible for the production, economy and logistics. He finished his studies in 1996, and has been working for several years as an accountant (CPA).